Sunday, October 2, 2011

AETN Family Fun Day

AETN had their Family Fun Day which involved lunch, games, goodies, and a meet-n-greet with the characters. We loaded up and had a great time eating hot dogs and chips!
Some had "fancier" hot dogs than others. I.C. enjoyed a little relish on his. The others either had theirs plain or with ketchup (not all got a chocie...haha!).
The girls had a blast...trying to figure out the best way to swipe Clifford without anyone seeing them!
"I need this at home!"
"ME TOO!!"
The boys challenged their minds and worked together to make a wall puzzle fit together.
It took a little time and working together but...
"It's MINE! Stay AWAY!!"
L.C. made a little mini-bean bag sidewalk to crawl on
While JBug just relaxed on a normal sized one
We found the life size Cat In The Hat to be a little creepy and he scared poor little L.C. to death (Daddy still has finger nail markings on his arms where she held on for dear life). JBug...never one to shy away from anyone...had a great time and couldn't get enough!

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