Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shots around the house

Do you remember when you could sleep this peacefully?

Daddy and Mini Me. L.C. = Little Chris. hehe

The girls get help bathing from thier older brothers.

Rock & Roll Babies

L.C. & J.T. drinkin' it up after a big show!

Whoa..........too much milk!!!

Santa Babies

Reverse Santa.......L.C. sits on T.H.'s lap while hearing his Christmas wish list.
I think a new hair do is in order for this year!!!
Aunt Jacqueline helps dress J.T. in her new little Santa outfit.
L.C. waits patiently for her chance to play dress up.
Aunt Jacqueline loves to dress her God Children now that her own children are grown and probably wouldn't stand for being dressed like this. hehe
J.T. is the new slim & trim version of St. Nick!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fairies!!!

Mom, Dad, and the cutest fairies in all the land!

Fairy L.C. flying high and looking like she is up to no good!!

Fairy J.T. is not too sure about her wings.....but drooling over her brother's candy bowl!!

Fairy J.T. really warming up to her wings!
Fairy L.C. really, really looking like she has plotted her mischief!!