Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BIG B'day Party for the Boys!!!

All of the O'Dwyer grandchildren lined up for a rare photo
opportunity after the party. Amazingly they were all
looking in the same general direction! Mam-maw and
Pap-paw have 10 grandkids and counting : )

J.T. and L.C. were strapped in their stroller for most of
the party...poor babies! They took it all in stride because
there were plenty of children to watch and laugh at
during the games, cake, and present opening.

A table FULL of 25 friends to celebrate a late b'day
for I.C. and an early b'day for C.H. and T.H.
Mom and Dad figured this was the best way to have a
party for everyone this year since there was some uncertainty
about the timing of the new baby's arrival ; )
C.H. and T.H. dig in on the cupcakes and sherbert.
They needed lots of sugary strength to play some
more party games.

C.H. is thoroughly enjoying being surrounded by all
his friends on his special day.

I.C. is just a little bit excited by the whole event and
couldn't wait to get his cupcake and sherbert!

Monday, August 24, 2009

4D Ultrasound of 006!!!!

Here is the latest and greatest of the pics
of C.M. (006). Everything checks out great
and he is weighing in at 6.8 pounds at 35 weeks!
JBug was 6.9 pounds at birth.....Lenisa's largest.

With about a month to go........
who knows how big this one is going to get!!
Haha....we are just thankful to God that he checks
out healthy and no complications are expected.
The kids are super pumped he is almost here!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

1st Day in the Toddler Room

Tuesday was the first day for the girls in their new
"toddler room" at daycare. They are no longer napping in cribs...
they sleep on these little cots! Just shows me what
big girls they are becoming.

Apparently J.T. was a little more curious about getting off
of the cot than L.C. Her teacher reported having
"worked up a sweat" trying to settle J.T. down for nap
but as you can see Ms. L won the battle : )

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Off to School We Go!

I.C. heads off to 4th grade and a new school
that's located across the street from where
he's been since kindergarten.
T.H. was a little nervous and very excited
to start 1st grade today. He couldn't wait
to see all of his friends!

C.H. was happily oblivious that today was
any different than school was last year.
We're afraid he's in for a big surprise with
1st grade!

Our three boys all pose for one last picture
before loading up with their chauffer, Daddy : )

Baby Bedhead

"Wow! Who turned on the electricity?"

Good morning!!! Can you tell which one wet the bed last
night? L.C. seems a little startled at the thought of
being captured topless : )

Happiness is....a full belly, a cup of soy milk,
and some leftover food on my mouth for later!

I.C. Turns 9!!!

Hard to believe that it was 9 years ago at the end of a very
long and hot summer that I.C. was born! He was very excited
that his birthday happened to fall on the same weekend as
the St. Joseph Bazaar. His brothers were convinced that they
would win him a birthday cake at the Cake Stand and a
couple of goldfish. Much to Mom and Dad's dismay they were
only successful in winning the goldfish!!!

I.C. rips into a birthday card. He found a lot of money and
gift cards this year since 9 year olds like to shop for
their own presents : )

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Grown-Up Get Away to San Francisco

We went to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
....some of it was good....most of it made us scratch our heads
as to what was really "art". Here is our stab at it though.
A very ornate church with Coit Tower in the background.
One of our favorite photos of The Golden Gate Bridge.

Pier 39...Fisherman's Warf

Coit Tower

A monument in front of Pier 1

This is an artistic fountain in a park across from Pier 1

Market Street architecture

Pier 1 Tower from Market Street

Market Street office building

Beautiful clusters of grapes at the Francis Ford Coppola
vineyards, Rubicon, in Napa Valley. The weather while
we were there couldn't have been more perfect!

The front fountains and entrance to the Francis Ford Coppola
museum on the grounds of the vineyards.

Driving back from Napa Valley, we stopped at one of the
scenic overlooks to snap a self-portrait in front of the
Golden Gate Bridge. The weather was MUCH colder the
closer we got to the city!!!

On our last morning in San Francisco, we ate
breakfast at a famous little coffee shop that had
been featured earlier in the week on The Food Network
with Guy Ferrier. The extended wait for a table at 7:30 a.m.
was worth it! The food was amazing! It was the perfect
ending to a wonderful trip!