Saturday, February 26, 2011

C.M. Learns to Climb!

Peek-a-boo, I see you!!! C.M. has not only learned to
walk really well, he can now add climbing to his resume.
He is extremely stubborn and must be removed from the
furniture by force! I hope this isn't a sign of taller things
to come...

Honors Assembly at SJP

After three different dates were snowed out, the 1st semester
Honors Assembly was finally held at SJP! C.H. and T.H. were
proud to pose with their certificates of achievement. C.H.
received Second Honors (all A's and B's) and T.H. received
First Honors (all A's)!!!
T.H., C.H. and their cousin (who is also in 2nd grade), all
slow down long enough to mug for the camera.

5th Grade Pee Wee Basketball

I.C. has participated in his first organized
sport this year! The SJE Pee Wee Basketball
program. He has really enjoyed the experience
and is doing very well playing guard and forward
positions. I.C. is already talking about when he
plays next year : )

Grandparent Day at SJE

I.C. was joined for lunch and some fun at
the book fair by his Poppy and Mimi!
I.C. was very fortunate to have BOTH
sets of grandparents participate in this
special day at school. Pap-paw and
Mam-maw look like they're enjoying
the ride!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow Ball Fight February 2011!

The boys attack Daddy but CH gets a bit too close!

LC comes to Daddy's rescue!

Snow Days February 2011

LC & JBug look nice and warm before going out in the snow.

IC shows LC the art of making a snow ball.

So she gives it a try for herself!

JBug scoops up snow in her little shovel.

LC tries to fill up her bucket with snow!

JBug tries to comfort Daddy after he is pelted
by the boys during their epic snowball fight!

A truce was called and everyone took time for a snow pic.

TH was ready for war to begin again!

LC thought the snow was pretty cool!

The boys took a break on their snow seats.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Party

The girls get ready for the Gullic's Valentine's Party...
saying goodbye to Jack the Cat before heading out.
They really love Jack...
wonder how much he returns the sentiment.
JBug LOVED Louie Gullic!

We are glad she did because LC did NOT!

She was more interested in juice boxes!

JBug left Louie for the Radio Flyer wagon...

...and loved every minute of it!

Our "Outdoor Gal" found a rather large wooden pole.
She seems to get into everything!

While LC pins eyes on the V-Day Smiley Face.

Daddy & CDogg...ready for Vegas!

Look out Lady Gaga! LC just needs a ridiculous
dress to outshine you on the red carpet!
(this dress is too cute for Hollywood!)
JBug lovin' life...LC keeping a close eye out for Louie!

CDogg lost his glasses but found a balloon!

"Take my balloon...I take your knee caps!"

LC gettin' ready to slide down the Gullic Kid Zone!

CM crawling to where the action is.

LC enjoying the swing...

...JBug gives it a try as well!

A slight frown and a ring pop...a.k.a paci....
a sign its time to go home for a nap!

January 2011 Snow Day

LC gets ready to venture out!

JBug can't wait to join the fun as well!

Oops! This stuff is slick!

JBug is either laughing at LC or she is just happy!

The crew loves snow days!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hangin' Out

C.H. and L.C. monkeying around after a long day of school
and daycare!
J.T. and T.H. take a more laid back approach and have some
down time draped across the chair.