Friday, April 9, 2010

Heated Pool Play

Daddy became part of the play equipment.
He tolerated MANY, MANY jumps from his shoulders
during the week!
T.H. relaxes after a long day at the beach.

C.H. takes a water ride on Daddy's back.

I.C. takes his turn on the floatie.

More Beach!!!

L.C. finally decided that the sand wasn't so bad.

She really enjoyed examining each shell that her brothers found for her.

I.C. looking out over the waves.
He looks SO grown up!

T.H. and J.T. go beachcombing.

Family Beach Time

T.H. looks worried about all the beached jellyfish.

I.C. soaking up the sun.

C.H. is grinning or grimacing???

L.C. wasn't too sure of the whole sand and water...

She liked to stay in Daddy's arms for the most part!

J.T. was in LOVE with the sand - playing, digging, eating it!!!
J.T. goes for a walk on the beach.
Just look at those precious little feet...

The water stayed cool but that did NOT stop the fun!

Our three big boys look like something off of Bay Watch!

L.C. has Daddy wrapped around her finger : )

Miramar Beach - Destin, FL

Heading off to look for seashells.

C.H. examines his treasures.

So much look at on the beach!

T.H. was looking out for jellyfish that had washed up to shore.

The water was exceptionally "refreshing"...a.k.a. COLD!!!

Bass Pro Shop - Destin

Day 1 of Spring Break was kind of cool so after an
alligator-filled breakfast at Fudpuckers we headed over to
Bass Pro Shop for some more animal sightings.
C.H. and T.H. act out how it would feel to become the "bait".

C.H. was thrilled to be this close to a real, live bear!!!

They thought this would be a good birthday
gift for all of them...I don't think so!!!

Hanging out in the observation hole of the big salt water
aquarium. So much to see and do at Bass Pro Shop!

Fudpucker's in Destin

C.H. gets a little kiss from Pearl, the albino alligator.

T.H. gets a bitten...what an actor!

The sign doesn't lie...there were plenty of live
alligators to watch while we ate breakfast.

This was about the size of the alligator that the boys
got to HOLD!!! They were all in heaven and couldn't
stop talking about it for the rest of the vacation.
I.C., C.H., and T.H. all get cozy with the alligator statue...
very brave when the animal doesn't move : )

The Two Little Pigs

C.H. and T.H. "happily" sing along with their classmates
in the 1st grade musical production of The Little Red Hen.
They were appropriate for two little 6 year old boys!

Naked Lounging?!?

We walked into the living room and found L.C.
completely naked and casually lounging on the
couch with the TV remote!
What are we going to do with our little exhibitionist???

L.C. Loving on C.M.

This was just a random Saturday morning and L.C.
decided that C.M. was in "need" of a little TLC!!!
He didn't appear to mind the loving attention from sister too much!

L.C. just can't get enough of her "baby"...