Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Batman

T.H. shows off his Batman wings!

Icy Video Fun

I.C. and C.H. enjoy the fact that school was closed due to ice and that our neighbor has a 4 wheeler, some rope, and a sled!!

Snow and Ice FUN!

The kids were out of school on Dec. 16th and 17th due to snow and ice. I.C. and C.H. getting pulled on the ice behind our neighbor's four-wheeler.

T.H. stomping around on the ice covered grass.

C.H. looks extremely cold after almost an hour of non-stop play on the ice!

T-Man in Disguises

"Arrgh Matey!"

Look out Bruce Wayne! There's a new Batman in town.

Babies 1st Christmas

L.C. gets some help from Mam-maw in opening her Giggling Baby.

J.T. thinks she can "gum" open the gift, but T.H. shows her the fine technique of ripping.

Christmas Part 2

MiMi and Poppy joined us for the Christmas morning excitement! L.C. was napping so she missed out on the picture taking.

Mam-maw and Pap-paw were the first to arrive after Santa's deliveries had been opened!

Christmas Morning

Mommy and the EXCITED kiddos!

Daddy and EXCITED kiddos!!!

Kiddos REALLY ready to open gifts : ) Much to Mom and Dad's delight they slept until 7:00!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Leisurely Saturday Morning

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed...well...sitting on the bed.

T.H. gets a real kick out of being a big brother! He adores his sisters and it really shows in the way he plays with them : )

Cookies with Santa

Our family attended the annual Cookie Exchange party last Sunday afternoon and with the help of MiMi and Poppy we were able to get a good family pic by the tree.

We didn't have anyone that was afraid of talking to Santa this year. Hooray!!! J.T. really liked feeling Santa's beard.
T.H. and J.T. having some quiet time together. He is such a PROUD big brother and extremely sensitive to his sister's every need.

Daddy/Boys and Mommy/Girls

What a handsome group of men!

All the girls out having fun!

Fun Pics - Continued

C.H. was very brave on the jungle gym this day.

I.C. just hanging around!

It was hard to get a pic of I.C. where he wasn't upside down.

J.T. snuggled up to Daddy for warmth! He's loving every minute of it.

Fun Pics in Mena Park

T.H. looking very soulful.
T.H. showing off his shoe tying ability.

C.H. striking a very handsome pose.
The giggles get the best of C.H. after just one serious shot!

T'Giving with Family in Mena

GiGi with ALL 12 of her great-grandchildren.
MiMi and Poppy's grandkids all pose for a pic.

T.H., Daddy, J.T., Mommy, L.C., I.C. and C.H. in front of the cabin at Janssen Park in Mena.

All our kiddos looking good on Thanksgiving Day.

Our "Other" Sleeping Twins

Crashing hard after a full day of playing. Hard to believe how BIG our little boys are getting!

Snuggled up like two little bears.

C.H. and T.H. Finish the Race!

C.H. and T.H. proudly display their half-marathon ribbons.

T.H. not only completed the necessary laps for the half-marathon but is well on his way to finishing the marathon!

C.H. needed a little extra encouragement from Mom on a VERY COLD morning to finish his half-marathon : )

L.C. and Daddy

Daddy stealing some kisses from L.C.

Daddy and L.C. - Two Peas in a Pod!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shots around the house

Do you remember when you could sleep this peacefully?

Daddy and Mini Me. L.C. = Little Chris. hehe

The girls get help bathing from thier older brothers.

Rock & Roll Babies

L.C. & J.T. drinkin' it up after a big show!

Whoa..........too much milk!!!

Santa Babies

Reverse Santa.......L.C. sits on T.H.'s lap while hearing his Christmas wish list.
I think a new hair do is in order for this year!!!
Aunt Jacqueline helps dress J.T. in her new little Santa outfit.
L.C. waits patiently for her chance to play dress up.
Aunt Jacqueline loves to dress her God Children now that her own children are grown and probably wouldn't stand for being dressed like this. hehe
J.T. is the new slim & trim version of St. Nick!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fairies!!!

Mom, Dad, and the cutest fairies in all the land!

Fairy L.C. flying high and looking like she is up to no good!!

Fairy J.T. is not too sure about her wings.....but drooling over her brother's candy bowl!!

Fairy J.T. really warming up to her wings!
Fairy L.C. really, really looking like she has plotted her mischief!!