Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Angel Baby - 4 weeks old

C.M. is a wonderful sleeper! This was taken
after Mommy subjected him to an hour+
long photo session : )
All wrapped up and ready for gift giving!

Our special delivery arrived on his
GiGi's 86th birthday.
What a wonderful present!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

C.M. is 3!!! (weeks : )

C.M. is 3 weeks old today! The picture is kind of fuzzy
but when you see such a cute expression you just
grab the closest camera available and it happened
to be my Blackberry. I swear he's already using
some deliberate smiles : )

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Krispy Kreme Morning!!

Daddy took Mimi & Poppy to the airport this morning and stopped off at Krispy Kreme on his way home. T.H. has either found his happy place or his addication to Krispy Kreme needs some definite attention and maybe an intervention!!!!!!

C.H. never backs down from a photo opp....even if it means
taking a break from a chocolate glazed Krispy Kreme!

Krispy Kreme knows no age limits. Even JBug
has found a new friend.....a sweet, heavenly,
sugary, edible friend!

Make no mistake....L.C. is not working for
Krispy Kreme. She would take your arm off
if you tried to take away her delightful treat!

Sleeping Boys!

C.M. takes a very restful nap in his little mummy wrap
that Aunt Ashley bought for him. He really likes it and
so does Mommy and Daddy since it helps him sleep in 6
hour stretches at night!

T.H. joins his little brother........

Not to be outdone....C.H. joins in as well!!

Halloween 2009

C.M.'s 1st Halloween! Sporting the skeleton outfit that Aunt Sandy gave him, which not only looked glowed in the dark! C.M. stayed home with Mimi & Poppy while we went out for Trick or Treating.
C.M. looks very scary, however, his bark is much worse than his bite. For the record, he did make some very spooky noises throughout the night, which revealed some wicked sights! Thank you Mimi & Poppy for taking care of that!

I.C. was a ghost this year. He was the "friendly ghost" when candy was being handed out but was the "not so friendly ghost" when Daddy asked for a share!!! :)

T.H. & C.H. guarded the house in their Ninja outfits. No one dare mess with our pumpkins...............

...........but when it came to sharing the candy......well........

L.C. just learned to walk and now she has her sights set for The School of American Ballet in NYC!

She has some work to do before making her debut but her will is strong and her pirouette is flawless!

JBug will be L.C.'s roommate and dance partner. The two will be world renown and go down in history as the most amazing duet...or something like that. :)

She definitely has the attitude for it!

Can you say.....D I V A !!!!!!!!

Bad Hair Day?!?

J.T. lashes out at her out of control hair!

L.C. appears to revel in her "bed head" look!

All Saints Day Celebration

T.H. and C.H. are all dressed up and appropriately
tagged with their Saint "Press Passes" that Daddy
designed for them to wear to the
All Saints Day Celebration/Party at school.
C.H. decided to be Saint John the Baptist,
the Apostle that baptised Jesus. He's our
little passive boy compared to T.H.'s saint
T.H. wanted to be Saint Michael because
he was a Field Commander in the Army of God.
His only regret is that we wouldn't let him
wear a sword with his costume! Didn't figure
his teacher would appreciate that accessory : )

J.T. and C.M. Have Some Face Time

J.T.'s not sure about things when C.M. starts to cry!
"He sure is a sweet baby doll when he's not crying."

"Let me get down here for a closer look at my baby brother!"

C.M. is not too sure about holding hands with J.T.

J.T. is still a little unclear on exactly where she
can and CAN'T touch her brother : )