Saturday, July 31, 2010

Girls 2 Year Portraits

JT The Hairstylist

JT tries her hand at a new career. Luckily for her, she seems to have a very willing test subject to try out here talents.

Girls 1st Dentist Appointment

JT having a good time in the dental chair chewing on her new toothbrush!
LC doing the same...I hope they will like them as much when they take them out of the wrappers! Both did great and had a good check-up.

Blowing Out 10 Candles!!!!

IC Turns 10!!!!

It's hard to believe IC is now 10 years old! He invited a few friends over for some pizza and a sleep over at our house.
He wanted a chocolate chip cookie cake and Larry's Pizza where they have games and fun!

His brothers and sisters got him a new Mario Brothers DS game he was wanting and Mommy and Daddy got him a Mario Brothers game for the Wii that he also had been begging for.

Then it was off to the games to win tickets for stuff to buy!

It reminded us of sharks at a feeding frenzy!
Everyone had a blast and won lots of tickets!

Chris & Lenisa's Trip To Chicago

U2 was postponed so we decided to go to Chicago anyway. Our first night, Tuesday, we caught a White Sox / Angels game.
There was about an hour and a half rain delay which was nice because it cooled things off to a low 90 degree temperature and brought out quite a bit of humidity. Made things feel just like we were back home in Arkansas.

We went into Old Town on Wednesday. Did some shopping and tried to get Second City tickets but they were sold out the week we were in town.

On Thursday, we made the trip to South Bend.

Touchdown Jesus was pretty cool to see in person.

Around the Stadium, there were statues of Frank Leahy, Ara Parseghian, and the greatest...Knute Rockne. I don't know why Lou Holtz doesn't have a statue out there...maybe he did and Charlie Weis ate it. Who knows.

The Administration Building was awesome. Seeing the Golden Dome was cool. Lenisa posing on the walkway up to the steps.

The detail of The Cathedral with all the gold and marble was amazing.

We lit a candle in the grotto.

On Friday morning, we went to the Field Museum. This is the view from the front steps looking back toward Michigan Avenue and Lake Michigan.

The boys got a big kick out of the pictures we took and videos. They were excited since this is the place where they filmed Night At The Museum, which they love!

None of the animals came to life like they did in the movie. They did have a really cool RoboSue exhibit that had a TRex (Sue) and a few more dinosaurs that looked very real and moved around growling and roaring. We decided we HAVE to take the kids to the Field Museum and Shedd's Aquarium some time soon!

CH & TH were the HIT of the Primary School Talent Show with this original choreographed performance of a Justin Beiber hit. Hard to believe they only practiced 1 day...well, for 20 minutes the night before the show!

Daddy's Mini-Me

Daddy & CM go head to head.
Daddy gets CM into position....

...for a little tickle time!

Easter Egg Hunt with the Neighbors (2010)

Our family prepares for the Eggstavaganza!
LC learns the virtues of a good, warm chocolate treat!

JT thinks she sees more eggs in the bushes!

The boys getting clues from the egg hiders.

A determined TH scans the front yard for more eggs.

JT gets some help from CD.

LT stashes away yet another egg.

IC filling up his basket as TH runs for more!

IC Receives 2nd Honors

IC placed 2nd at the Arkansas Art Educators Central Regional Awards!
We are very proud of our little artist!

We can't wait to frame this piece of original artwork!

Men At Work

The boys take advantage of an opportunity to hop on a fire truck! The firemen came around the neighborhood to flush out the hydrants and the boys asked if they could play on the truck.

Daycare Spring Portraits

JT & LC posing in their cute little pink polka-dot outfits.
Love the hats!
Taken just prior to 2nd birthday.

CM's first professional photo shoot!

He is 5 months old now!

Friend's Birthday

LC & JT had a great time as guests at their first "friend" birthday party!