Sunday, June 14, 2009

2009 Art Camp

The boys had a GREAT week at SJ's Art Camp.
These are a few of the wonderful creations they
made including robots, rockets, and alien bugs!!

Sleepy J.T.

J.T. feeling extremely safe in Daddy's arms.

Kitchen work

J.T. works on her word forming skills in the kitchen.

I.C. gives L.C. a HUUUUGE hug!

Babies at Bedtime

L.C. nibbles on her crib railing as she tries to fight going to sleep.

To no avail!!!!!!

J.T. doesn't even fight it. She goes right into a deep sleep!

Babies on the move!

The boys are preppin' their sisters
for some fun with their push toys!

T.H. is very protective of L.C. and wants to make sure
she is safe since her ride doesn't come with seat belts!

J.T. feels very confident with her push toy even
though I.C. loves to help her walk properly.