Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bubbles!!! Bubbles!!!

The trip Home from San Antonio

JBug: "We.....well, YOU are lost aren't you?"
L.C.: "Ummmmm......not at all........why?"

JBug: "HAHA.....she is lost!"
L.C.: "I'm not.....just let grab a pen and write a few things down."

JBug: " "just" do that while
I look up where we are on my Blackberry GPS"

JBug: "I found where we are! I got us back on track!!"

L.C.: "Hehe, what she doesn't know is that I have
Gerber GPS in my diaper! I knew where we were all along!!!"

San Antonio Zoo

The boys at the entrance to the San Antonio Zoo.

I.C. sprouting his wings!

C.H. sprouting as well...just not as into it though.

T.H. getting in on the act and looking like he is up to something!

C.H. found a friend at the petting zoo......

.........or did the goat find 3 new personal groomers?

I don't think C.H. realizes that 1/4 inch of plexiglass
separates his fun from that leopard's lunch!!!

The little alligators are thinking the same thing!

The River Walk

The boys on The River Walk getting ready for a boat ride!

Loaded up on the boat and getting ready to start moving.
It was extremely hot and any breeze at all felt great!

The boys tossed the captain overboard
and are now in control!

Mommy & kiddos outside Mi Tierra Cafe where
we had lunch before some shopping in the El Mercado.

Daddy joins the picture!

Sea World - Day 2 (continued)

2012 USA Olympic Syncronized Pool Jumping Team
..........well, I guess we need to work on this one!

Our Ambercrombie-model-to-be showing off his baby blues.
L.C. & I.C. crinkling their noses during this photo opportunity.

JBug & L.C. don't know what to think
about their plundering big brothers!

Daddy & the boys enjoying a little
white water rafting on the Rio Loco!

Family pic time at the Wave Pool!

JBug really just wants back in the cool water!

At the entrance of Sea World after a
very long & hot but very fun day!

WHEW!!!! It's smokin' hot in San Antonio!!!

Mommy & the kiddos posing in front of
a Budweiser clydesdale named Bud.
The boys wanted a picture of him because
they said he was Papaw Bud's horse!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sea World - Day 2

Hard to tell which ones are the sea creatures!

They wouldn't be posing so casually if they knew there
was a hungry looking shark just over their shoulder!

The stingray had them mesmerized for several minutes.
Mom, Dad, and the girls enjoyed the cool air
conditioning of the aquarium!
Daddy helped the boys successfully feed and pet the dolphins.

T.H., I.C., and C.H. pose with the Sea World
penguins as we entered the gates. No doubt the
poor people inside the costumes were experiencing
heat exhaustion since the temps topped 100 that day!

Family Vacation to San Antonio - Day 1

We had some very happy children when they discovered
that the house we rented had a pool in the backyard! This
was a perfect way to unwind, stretch, and burn off some
energy after a 10 hours drive.
Daddy with the all his kiddos. The boys are sporting their
summer hair designs that Daddy cut the night before
we left for San Antonio. I.C. chose the traditional mohawk,
C.H. went with a cross design, and T.H.
decided on tiger stripes!!!
Daddy found two little mermaids at the base of the waterfall.

L.C. thought that sitting on the waterfall rocks
provided a pretty good view of the pool action!

L.C. and J.T. perched on the waterfall rocks but J.T.
is too much into swimming to stay still for too long!