Sunday, September 28, 2008

School Project

I.C. had his first "project" to complete over the weekend. It's hard to tell who had more fun - I.C. or Daddy! Mimi helped get the ideas started, Daddy took some creative liberties, and I.C. did a LOT of cutting and gluing!

I.C. and L.C. Goofing Around

I.C. includes L.C. in the panda puppet show.

Wrist rattles are good for chewing too!

L.C. getting a new perspective on I.C. Not too sure of what she sees.

Cousins Come to Visit

My cousin Amy and her daughter M.L. came by for a visit on Saturday. C.H. wanted to show M.L. around so they took a crawling tour of the house!

C.H., M.L., and I.C. all stop the action for a quick pic!

Three pretty girls all in a row. M.L. just turned 10 months and the girls will be 6 months old tomorrow. The months are just flying by!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Playing Around

J.T. playing nose to nose with Daddy!

L.C., T.H., J.T., and C.H. piled up in Mom and Dad's bed watching Saturday morning cartoons.

I.C. playing dress-up with L.C.'s bunny blanket. This got numerous giggles from the other brothers.

L.C. and J.T. happily hanging out in their crib after waking up from a nap.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Babies, Babies, Babies!

J.T. still in her nightgown but looking sweet as an angel.

L.C. can't stay still long enough to look angelic!

L.C. practices her "surprised" look!

Mommy getting one last squeeze on J.T. before bed.

J.T. woke up "all smiles" this morning. Lucky for us, that's her personality every morning!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

L.C. and J.T. enjoy a very peaceful nap. They typically sleep in the same position like this. If one turns her head, the other is soon to follow. It is adorable!!

Daddy LOVES his little girls!!!!

Mamaw says hello to J.T.

Papaw has his hands full with L.C. and J.T. (I am sure he hopes that is all that is full!! L.T. looks like she is working on something though.)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

B'day Party at Sonshine Academy

T.H. and C.H. pose with their "hunting" cake.

C.H. getting ready to swing into the pit of foam at Sonshine Academy.

T.H. swinging like Tarzan!

Classmates from school pile up in the foam pit with C.H.

T.H. and a fellow kindergartener slow down during the party for a pic.

Friday, September 5, 2008

C.H. and T.H. Turn 5!!!

C.H. and T.H. flash their age.

C.H. got Big Game Hunter for the Wii. He's a little touchy with the trigger. Good thing this hunting is just on the television!

T.H. poses with his Hulk boxing hands. His brothers are quickly learning to dodge when he comes punching.

Learning to Sit Up

L.C. and J.T. have a seat in their Bumbo for the first time.
It was a hit! They both enjoyed the change of scenery.

L.C. poses so nicely in her new "upright" position.

J.T. wasn't quite sure what to think about independent sitting.