Friday, October 31, 2008


T.H. made up as a VERY SCARY vampire! He loved showing off his "mean" face to every house we trick-or-treated.

Our friends from down the street came and walked around the neighborhood with us. We were quite a sight with 5 kids, 2 babies, and three adults just trying to keep up with the excitement level of trick-or-treating in the rain!!! L-R: basketball player, vampire, Incredible Hulk, Dorothy with Toto, Glenda the Good Witch.

J.T. and L.C. have been wearing their "Boo" sleepers for a couple of weeks but today marks the last day to wear these outfits. Thanks Mimi for making sure we had something appropriate to wear for Halloween! I'll post some pics of the girls in their fairy costumes as soon as Ashley e-mails them to me.

Half Marathon

The school has a program called "Run For Your Life" that encourages kids to come to school early three mornings a week and run laps around the playground. All three of the boys have been doing this since the week after Labor Day and today I.C. received his ribbon for completing the distance equivalent to a Half Marathon (13.1 miles)!!! We are extremely proud of him and look forward to C.H. and T.H. earning their ribbons in the coming weeks. I should also mention that I.C. doesn't normally wear his bathrobe to school but it was the All Saints Day celebration so he was Saint Christopher.

Saturday Breakfast

T.H., I.C., and C.H. all eat "man-sized" portions of pancakes, bacon, and fruit!

L.C. and J.T. get ready for their first breakfast of "real" food - applesauce mixed with rice cereal. Yum!

This pic was taken the night before after eating carrots for the first time. J.T. looks a little full and sleepy.

L.C. LOVED her carrots and practically grabbed Daddy's hand to help guide the spoon to her mouth.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

LRAFB Air Show - Paratroopers....THEN & NOW

The boys got a kick out of the WWII paratroopers.

We all thought this was pretty cool. Watch until the end.......its pretty amazing!

Marriage Blessing Celebration

A beautiful Blessing reading on a very wonderful and long awaited day!!!

We attended Mass at Sacred Heart today and immediately following Mass, Father Charlie Blessed our marriage. This was very special because Chris has known Father Charlie pretty much all of his life.....and he is our favorite Catholic Priest!!

Father Charlie never backs down from a photo op with a gorgeous Bride!!

LRAFB Air Show

C.H. ready for take off!

I.C. and T.H. on a Coast Guard rescue boat.

Papaw takes a break with 5 of his 9 grandchildren in front of the WWII paratroopers.

What I.C. now wants for Christmas!!

Showing off the new Air Force Dog Tags!!

Fireman L.C.

Mimi sent some possible Halloween costumes home for the boys to try on and L.C. got in on the action!

"Oops! What happened to my hat?"

Pumpkin Patch

T.H. and C.H.'s kindergarten class took a trip to Johnston's Pumpkin Patch this past Monday. Mom, Dad, and Papaw O were all in attendance. Here we are on the hayride.

The boys were very excited to pick their own pumpkins!

Mrs. M and her class - hard to believe they all stayed still long enough for a picture.

T.H. playing around with Dad after the picnic lunch.

C.H. wasn't about to be left out of the after lunch playtime : )

Saturday, October 18, 2008

GiGi's 85th Birthday

GiGi and J.T. have some birthday snuggle time. The girls and I went to Mena on Monday to surprise GiGi for her birthday. We celebrated over lunch and cake!

L.C. slows down just long enough for a special birthday picture with GiGi.

Poppy and J.T. rest in the recliner.

Mimi and L.C. "catch-up" on things since their last visit.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Octoberfest at St. Joseph's

T.H. and C.H. perched on top of some round bales.

C.H. was in heaven when he found the pen of kittens, puppies, rabbits, and chickens.

T.H. was a little more cautious about which animals he petted.

I.C. was really good at walking on the tight rope. He got so confident that he would bounce across it!

T.H. looks very serious during his turn riding the horse.

T.H. and his Sisters

T.H. gets in some one on one playtime with L.C.

Right as the picture was being taken, J.T. almost slide out the leg opening on the exersaucer!

Is it J.T. or an Angel?

J.T. gives new meaning to "sleeping like a baby."

Hats Off To You!

L.C. - "Hey! Anyone up for some fishing?"

J.T. - "I'm just glad that the hat doesn't get in the way of my fingers!"