Sunday, November 11, 2012

Valet King

It was Grandparents Day Luncheon at
SJ Elementary and Chris was once again
asked to head up the parking of the cars.
In his second year, he has become quite
efficient at it and everyone gets parked
and seated to eat with Grandkids in plenty
of time.  Even though we don't have a 
child at the Elementary this year, it was
Chris' pleasure to assist...not to mention...
they were given Walkie-Talkies this year
so it was as much fun as it was work!

Proud Artist!

 CDog spent yet another fantastic day at
school and had yet another day of fantastic
fun.  He also spent some time being artistic
Here he displays his latest masterpiece...
"Fish with a Tail"
...might be slightly on the Impressionistic
side of the art world but it was adorable
just the same.  Hehe.

Thankful Turkey

 The girls school had a Thankful Turkey
that each student labeled a feather with
what they were thankful for...
 JBug made her Daddy smile from ear 
to ear with her sweet feather of thanks
LC...well...made both Mom & Dad laugh
at the fact she is thankful for elephants!

JBug in Foam Ball Pit

JBug is having a blast in the foam ball pit
during therapy.  There is just a weeee bit
of static electricity going on here too!

Accelerated Reader!

We are very proud of CH!  He continues to excel 
in reading at school and gets yet another 
award in the Accelerated Reading program!

Halloween 2012

Halloween rolled into town and it was an exciting
time for all involved with lots of cute costumes
and TONS and TONS of candy!!!!
JBug & LC donned their Notre Dame Cheerleading
outfits.  Mommy & Daddy bought these two Summers
ago while visiting Notre Dame and are elated that they
are big enough now to wear them!
(...especially Daddy...a dire hard Fighting Irish fan!)
 Tru was the famed Captain America and as always...
...ready for action!
CDog...aka...Spiderman...just loved his
outfit provided for him by his MiMi
IC created his own costume this year.  This is the
Instagram Troll mask topped with the Cat in the Hat
hat, a white shirt, and gloves.  We didn't really know
what exactly it was but all of his friends that he saw
in our neighborhood knew instantly and loved it.
Our ND Cheerleaders are big fans
of Captain America
Cam was looking really good as
Hawkeye from The Avengers
The group shot on our front porch.  One of
IC's friends is included in the mix here and 
went Trick or Treatin' with us
Our neighbor goes all out on Halloween
and this year added a skull with eyes that
rolled around in their sockets.  The boys
take a break to get their picture with it along
with their friend from school.  She was dressed
as a White Ninja and the three of them were a
tough crew to mess with on Halloween Night!

Adoring Fans!

Tru has been taking guitar lessons and has
gotten pretty good at it!  He is so good that
he now has a flock of adoring fans!

Goofy Girls!....and a pig!

 LC poses with her goofy glasses before going to school
 JBug thought there were hilarious too!
 So much so...that the little piggie had to get involved!
I don't know who looks the best but all
three had a fun time goofin' around!

Carving Pumpkins!

We headed over to Aunt Jac's house to carve a couple pumpkins.
 It was the kids' first pumpkin carving of the year 
and Simon's first of his lifetime!  He is a foreign 
exchange student staying with Aunt Jac's family
 LC got in on the pumpkin smile too!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tru for President!

 TH ran for Student Council.  He didn't win...this year...
but he and Daddy had an AWESOME time coming up
with some very creative campaign stickers and posters
and his campaign manager, brother...CH, did a great
job spreading the word about how great Tru would be! 
 This is the campaign sticker that TH handed
out to his classmates for them to wear
And not to be outdone by the stickers...
Tru had a rather impressive poster too!  
Whether it be in a factory setting with no jacket or tie...
or outside a Church in an Armani suit and Dolce & Gabbana tie...
or just kickin' around the house in a white t-shirt and shorts...
we might be looking at the first campaign of a long stretch that
leads to Pennsylvania Avenue in the 2040 Presidential race!

Early B-Day for CM!

 CDog had an early b-day gift presented to him
from Mimi & Poppy.  Poppy is traveling the Amazon
River so he wouldn't be here for the actual b-day and
Mimi was staying with us for a few days so it was the 
perfect opportunity to present a "little" present.
 Of course, CDog didn't mind at all! 
 Tearing into the card and...
 ...reading how much his Mimi & Poppy love him
It's enough to put a very, very adorable
smile on a soon to be 3 year old's face!


It has been a busy last couple weeks for the girls!
 They have had numerous birthday 
parties for classmates & friends... several different fun locales...
 ...with cool things like carousels & race cars...
 ...and real live horses!
 JBug absolutely LOVED riding!
 It took LC a little while to warm 
up to the idea  of being a cowgirl... 
 ...but she soon got used to it too!
 Our little animal lover, JBug, didn't
want to get off!  She loved her horsie!
And of course...a Cowgirl party just isn't
a party without a few bandits showin' up!
But we have to admit...these are the cutest
bandits we have seen in a fair bit!

CM's 1st Birthday Party Attendance!

CM attended his 1st friend's birthday party
 He was excited and LOVED the weaponry choices!
 He teamed up with the birthday boy...also referred
to as "his twin brother" for a little tactical assault
 weapons check...uh...maybe we need to learn
a little bit about gun safety before looking down
the barrel of a loaded gun!  :)
 Luckily...we are only talking about a water gun... a clean pupil might be the "worst" result here
 Now....on with Operation Soak Everyone Else!
And who doesn't need a little food after a water fight!
 Even if we get a bit camera shy!
 Birthday boy & CDog...eating...
 ...then showing off their mad b-ball skeeelz!