Saturday, August 20, 2011


IC now has braces! Daddy took him to the Orthodontist this week and here is the result of lots of metal and glue. It was a fun experience, however, the thought of this being the 1st of 6 kids in braces makes Mommy & Daddy cringe! We are now accepting donations! Haha!

First day of school!

Wow! TH & CH are entering 3rd Grade and IC is now in 6th! We can't believe they are getting so big!!
CM also got to go to his first day of Pre-School! He was very excited and LOVED hs little crocodile tote bag!

Waving at Mommy as she snaps a shot of his excitement!

Posing for the camera seems to be very natural for CM. He is also a big hit at school with teachers and friends alike.

Discounted Kids!

The girls and CM decided to "rest" in their shelves.
If only Target ran specials like this!

Shepards of VBS!

The boys had a great time on a mini-vacation in Mena with Mimi & Poppy. They went to the lake and did tons of other fun filled things. Here they pose as little shepards at Vacation Bible School.

Snuggletime with GiGi

CM loved when GiGi came to visit! He crawled in and out of her lap to show his excitement. This also was quite a workout for GiGi!

Friendly Fun Times!

The boys had a fun time with their friend the weekend before school started. They got to hang out in the deer stand while looking around the tree farm.
Here they are in the back of the Mule. They were chauffeured around the farm and had a blast finding little critters and counting deer! They saw over 30 deer!

Mini Me

CM & Daddy hang out at the UCA pool while the sisters entertain some Doctoral Physical Therapy students with their many talents and abilities.

LC in the ball pit

LC had a blast in the ball pit at school!