Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year from our family to you and yours! We look forward to a wonderful 2012 and many more precious memories and fun times!

Christmas 2011

The gang around the tree on
Christmas Eve awaiting Santa's visit!
...and oh how he delivered!
I.C. was super pumped to get a new bike this year!
L.C. was ready to rip into presents, however, she took
her time and was gentle with this had a Princess
crown on the ribbon. She didn't want to damage that!
C.H. shows off his new shirt!
Movies were a hot item too. I.C. shows off
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsoniam
C & T dig in wearing their new jammies that
Santa's Elves brought the night before
C.H. shows off Aliens in the Attic
T.H. slides on his new Reebok Realflex shoes
The girls got Princess umbrellas from Santa
I.C. shows off his Reebok Zigs!
T.H. got a shirt as well
C.H. posing with his new jacket!
C.H. and his new football
T.H. and his Drew Brees uniform!
T.H. and his Nerf Blaster!
C.H. and his Nerf Cannon!
The Grandparents and Great Grandmother
came over and continued Christmas bliss!
Mimi hands out presents as
Mam-maw, Pap-paw, Poppy, & GiGi look on.
J.T. loves the new pink skirt that both she and her sister got!
She also loves the Belle and Ariel Pez dispensers they received!
Do you think L.C. was excited about getting Charolotte's Web?
T.H. got a Dr. Dreadful Zombie Lab!
Looks like mayhem...but it is nothing but WONDERFUL!
T.H. can't wait for Mom to cut open something for him!
L.C. looks on as Mom wields the scissors again...this time for the new Princess Tea Set that Mam-maw and Pap-paw got for them!
Aunt SuSu gets her hair done by L.C.
Aunt Theresa and Aunt Jac...aka CDogg's Godmothers...
came over to share some Christmas joy as well.
C.H. and Susan J.T. reading a book she got for Christmas
I.C. and Susan share some great laughs
C.M. showing Aunt Theresa his new Cars car zapper.
He really likes it and the noises it makes!
Thank you Santa!

JBug wears out

JBug loves several things...
One is her Snw White dress
Two is staying up late and playing
It does catch up with her though!