Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I.C.'s Planet Project of Saturn

I.C. did a great job of painting and
sprinkling sparkles on the rings of Saturn.
He got a 100% on the project and paper and had
lots of fun working on it with Mommy & Daddy!

Outdoor Play at Mimi & Poppy's House

Cousin E shows off her tree hanging skills!

Use BOTH HANDS I.C.!!! He only looks inches
off the ground. He is actually a few feet up!

"Mommy, Mommy! Take a picture of the
granddaddy longlegs we found!" If it
looks a bit "unhealthy" it is because
they put it on Mommy's head first!

T.H. hamming it up in the tree!

Cousin T and T.H. showing off that they can be monkies too!

I.C. is WAAAAAAAY up in the tree now!

C.H. poses for one of those "Don't monkey
around with power lines" commercials.

T.H. gives it his all but figures out he can't pull the tree over!

I.C. and Cousin E takin' a break to enjoy a little Sonic!

C.H. hangs on for dear life!

Recorder Performance

I.C. tuning up before his debut as first chair
recorder in the SJ 3rd Grade Performance.

Playpin Pixies

J.T. takin' a break from jammin' on the bongos!

L.C. takin' a break from "helping" unfold the laundry. She was
very proud of undoing what Mommy had just neatly folded.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Profile of Baby #6

We went on Monday for the four month check-up and ultrasound.
The doctor confirmed what an earlier ultrasound had detected...
We are excited to meet him in just 5 (or fewer!) months.
The white splotch above his forhead is his hand and
he was waving it or sucking his fingers
throughout the ultrasound : )

The Girls Are Growing

L.C. and J.T. playing around in their crib after waking up from
a nap. The girls went for their one year well visit to the
pediatrician on Friday and L.C. is slightly heavier than her
sister at 16 pounds, 2 ounces!!!

J.T. has learned to pull up on the crib railing to get a better view!
J.T. weighs a very light 14 pounds, 12 ounces!!!

I.C. Ran a Marathon!!!

We are SO PROUD of I.C. He ran 420 laps around the school
playground during the Run For Your Life program that
meets three mornings a week before school. This is the
equivalent of 26.2 miles!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Jailhouse Blues

J.T. and L.C. getting accustomed to their new boundaries in the house!
J.T. seems to enjoy the prison yard but L.C. isn't too sure about it.

L.C. - "Let me out of here! I promise not to stick my
fingers in the electrical outlets."

J.T. - "Serving time really gives me a lot of time for
reflection on all my misbehavior."

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Friend's Birthday Party

T.H. vying for the Sprint Cup Series Championship!

I.C. blocking another racer to protect his lead!!

C.H. eyes one of the other racer's cars to make
sure their car's specs are up to standards.

C.H. reports his suspicions to a track official.

1st Birthday Part I

L.C. is proud of her new monogrammed
bib and she looks mighty cute in it too!!

J.T. is also proud of her bib and is looking just as adorable!

L.C. & J.T. sporting their Baptism bracelets on their special day!

Happiness is.....being the Birthday Girls!

1st Birthday Part II

J.T. loves her Princess Crown!

L.C. sportin' hers too!

J.T. really enjoyed her much so
that she moussed her hair with some of it!!

L.C. actually did get some of her birthday cake in her mouth!

Tales from the Crib

L.C. & J.T. look cute but something tells us that
they are cooking up a very elaborate jail break!

But in the meantime......let's sleep on it.

From the Bumbo Forum

L.C. voices her concern over Obama's stimulus package and wonders how it will pull the country out of the recession. J.T. wonders if Pelphrey and Petrino have what it takes to make the Hogs a national power once again in basketball and football.