Sunday, January 30, 2011

Costa Rica Zip Line FUN!

Getting warmed up on the "baby line".

Getting a bit more daring zippin' upside down!

Still all smiles as the ground quickly approaches!

The guides called this move the "SupaLady".

You definitely had to play the part...250 ft up!!

Safety first. You couldn't be an acrobat on every line.

Crossing one of many swinging bridges among the tree tops.

This was the longest run of the zip line.
Exhilarating!!! ...and upside down!!! hehe
This made me nervous seeing how many people
the guides would cram on this little tree stand!
At the top of the tour. It was all down hill from here!

Costa Rica Getaway

We arrived at sunset at our house and this is the view we
were greeted with. Casa Vista Magnifica was much more
amazing than any of us imagined.
85 degrees and no humidity in Potrero, Costa Rica.
Back home...32 degrees and the threat of snow!
Lenisa, Cara, and Phillip sit down to enjoy a wonderfully
scrumptious breakfast as Rosita puts the finishing touches
on a typical Costa Rican breakfast. Typical = Delicious!

Lenisa on Sugar Beach

The sand here was volcanic. Very dark but fine and soft.

Chris & Lenisa on Sugar Beach.

Birthday Party for Kim and was just before the Sugar Bowl.
Rosita lighting the candles on Kim's cake.

Zip Liners about to head out!

Phillip & Kim just before the candles were blown out!

Lenisa, Adrienne, Kim, & Cara get ready for the Hogs!

Here we are at a beach in Playa Flamingo.

Enjoying a drink at a bar in Tamarindo.

Sailing on the Pacific!

All smiles just before we go snorkling.

The 7 of us on our sail boat. It was a great time!

Back at the house enjoying a sun set next to the pool.

Our last night in Costa Rica.

The foyer of the house was awesome. It was a water
entrance with stepping stones that lead four different
directions. One to the front door, one to a bedroom, one
to the upstairs, and one to the open air living room & kitchen.

The girls in front of the Christmas lights!

Bismark & Rosita lived at the house with us. They were
amazing. Rosita cooked every meal for us and it beat
any restaurant we ate at. They were both really nice and
funny. I hope we get to go back to this place someday soon!
One thing we won't miss...the grass hoppers. They were about
7 inches long and flew around the place. When they would fly at
night we mistakenly thought they were bats. They were HUGE!

Christmas 2010

Christmas morning 2010. Getting ready for excitement!

Santa came and nibbled on some cookies and left
the kids a little note about how good they were this year.

MiMi & Poppy brought the girls some really cute
pink chairs. They were a huge hit! Their Uggs and
Fairy Halos were a nice addition as well!
I.C. showing T.H. how their green goo works.

C.M. is caught doing some kitchen work.

C.H. makes a thumb cast with his green goo.

T.H. & C.H. LOVE their new electric scooters!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Santa Loves Girls!

Mimi & Poppy made LC & JBug very happy!

They got their very own pink chairs!!

Aunt Sandy & Uncle Mike sent fairy halos!

Santa supplied their little Uggs.

Their wishes were absolutely complete!

Boys Racing On Scooters

CH & TH got electric scooters from Santa

and are seeing who is the FASTEST!

Ian couldn't wait for his turn at it!!!

Christmas Cookie Exchange

Mommy & Daddy took the little ones to get some
cookies, some good food, and tell Santa what they want!

Santa arrived...JBug & CM were happy to see him.
LC...well, she didn't seem as happy!

St. Nick's Day (12-6-10)

St. Nick visited and brought the kiddos a few little goodies.

Nothin' like the big day but it definitely got them in the mood!

Halloween 2010

CM is happy to be Callin' da Hogs!

Two ninjas, a vampire, and a ninja master...
who could say no to these Trick or Treaters!

The girls love their Notre Dame Cheerleader outfits!
It was easy getting them in them...
...almost impossible getting them out!