Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kroger Grand Opening!

We took the 3 little ones to the Grand Opening of Kroger...aka...we needed food and Kroger is the closest place.  It does rock though now that they are done with the remodel/tripling the size of the store.
 JBug & LC love riding in their "cart car"
 CDogg hangs out in the cage.  Not as fun or glamorous as the car but he quickly adapts and finds cool things to play with and try to open.
JBug decides to be less Kardashian and take her shades off for this photo op.  CDogg is caught on camera devising a way to break out of the cage prison by building a tower out of non-perishables.  ...didn't work by the way.  The cans were not big enough...maybe when we go to Sam's next and he can construct it out of industrial sized food cans.  We will keep you posted!

CEL Bake Sale

CEL had their annual bake sale this week and LC & JBug helped work the cookie house check out.  Daddy took the 4 boys to buy some goodies...including a treat for our worker bees and for Mommy too!  The girls got a HUGE kick out of their family coming to visit and help out with a donation to their school.  They also didn't mind the pink iced cup cakes that Daddy bought them!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bedtime Story

CDogg is so lucky to have a great big
brother like TH.  Who wouldn't love to
have their ABC nighttime book read to
them by a very loving older brother!

Dallas Zoo with Cousin Monkeys!

Mimi & Poppy took the three big boys
to Dallas to visit their cousins.
 On one day, our 3 monkeys got to spend the
day with Aunt Stacy's 3 monkeys at the Dallas Zoo! 
Everyone had a great time and
look forward to their next visit!
Thank you Mimi & Poppy!!

Sweet Accomplishments

JBug was very proud, as were we,
when she wrote her name for the first
time!  She is well ahead of her age
and she just continues to impress us
with her abilities and intelligence.

Dentist Time!

 CDogg spent some time at the dentist.
His last trip was not a good one in that he did
not find the experience to his liking.
He did much better this time, however, it really
helps to have ear phones and a t.v. on the ceiling
to keep his attention elsewhere!

Father's Day 2012

Another great year and another very, very proud Dad!  I am truly blessed with the six most wonderful children anyone could ever ask for.  I thank God that I have a wonderful wife & friend to share my time with.  She makes all this possible for me!
 LC helps Daddy open his Father's Day present
 He likes it but LOVES his little girl a whole lot more!
 She remains interested while he opens 
what she made him at school
CDogg looks on as well...thinking there
might be something there for him!

Branson Take Two (or Lil 3!)

For the 2nd straight weekend, we took a short family trip to Branson and Silver Dollar City.  This time around, we just took the 3 little ones...but they were just as much of a handful as all 6!
 While at SDC, we took cover from a slight 
rain shower and took a spin in the Tea Cups.
Daddy & LC get ready to spin! 
CDog sits in anticipation! 
JBug looks around to see what others are doing. 
Mommy has a very nice seat 
next to her Tea Cup Princess 
We also spent some time at local parks.
Here the kids goof around and allow us to
take a little different shot of cute faces and feet!
 Another cute photo op at the park!
 Down on The Landing...Mr Jalapeño
poses with the little ones. 
 CDogg doesn't really know 
what to think about this bull
The girls wonder why the school bus has two steering
wheels but wonder more about who is driving worse! 
 Wait...another two steering wheel vehicle?!?!
 No problem for CDogg...he settles right in
 But the girls make sure he knows who
is in control when he gets on the bus!
Everyone had a great time!

Branson with EVERYONE!

We headed up to Branson and Silver Dollar City
for a short little family vacation.
First stop was The Landing and Bass Pro Shop
Outside with the bear!
Inside with the fish!
WHOA!  Look at how big they are!
(p.s. - don't tap on the glass!)
CH wishes he was on the other side of the
glass swimming along with the catfish!
They really are ridiculously large!
CDogg "pets" a catfish!
IC with the giant Mr Jalapeño!
JBug wanted Daddy's protection but did 
want her picture with Mr. Jalapeño too!
Mimi & Poppy treated the kids to sorbets!
The girls & CDogg loved the local music
Daddy & IC are about to lose their lunch!
CH was acting up a bit so....
Mommy, TH, & IC are about to go from
0 to 60 in 2.1 seconds on Powder Keg!
TH & CH love the animal farm...
...and the pool at Ma-maw & Pa-paw's condo!

Backseat Cuteness!

 Driving down the road one day, Daddy looked back and saw a very sweet scene.  JBug and LC were just traveling along...holding hands.  It was so cute, Daddy had to take a picture and share with Mommy.  It brightened both our day!
Of course, once they realized it was a photo op...
they began to cheese it up!  HEHE!
 CM was hanging out with Daddy and since he was all alone in the Yukon he decided he needed to sit all the way in the back like the big boys do!
He was very proud of himself!

Bunnies at Neighbor's House

 The kids got a real treat this week!  One of
our neighbors found a next of bunnies in their
front flower bed.  They called us and told
us that we had to come see them!  CH took
no time at all loving up to one of the baby bunnies!
They are very adorable!

6th Grade Award Ceremony

IC received Honor Roll First Honors
(nothin' but As!) in his last year of
Middle School.  We can't believe it
but next year is JUNIOR HIGH!!!