Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kroger Grand Opening!

We took the 3 little ones to the Grand Opening of Kroger...aka...we needed food and Kroger is the closest place.  It does rock though now that they are done with the remodel/tripling the size of the store.
 JBug & LC love riding in their "cart car"
 CDogg hangs out in the cage.  Not as fun or glamorous as the car but he quickly adapts and finds cool things to play with and try to open.
JBug decides to be less Kardashian and take her shades off for this photo op.  CDogg is caught on camera devising a way to break out of the cage prison by building a tower out of non-perishables.  ...didn't work by the way.  The cans were not big enough...maybe when we go to Sam's next and he can construct it out of industrial sized food cans.  We will keep you posted!

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