Sunday, July 1, 2012

Branson Take Two (or Lil 3!)

For the 2nd straight weekend, we took a short family trip to Branson and Silver Dollar City.  This time around, we just took the 3 little ones...but they were just as much of a handful as all 6!
 While at SDC, we took cover from a slight 
rain shower and took a spin in the Tea Cups.
Daddy & LC get ready to spin! 
CDog sits in anticipation! 
JBug looks around to see what others are doing. 
Mommy has a very nice seat 
next to her Tea Cup Princess 
We also spent some time at local parks.
Here the kids goof around and allow us to
take a little different shot of cute faces and feet!
 Another cute photo op at the park!
 Down on The Landing...Mr Jalape├▒o
poses with the little ones. 
 CDogg doesn't really know 
what to think about this bull
The girls wonder why the school bus has two steering
wheels but wonder more about who is driving worse! 
 Wait...another two steering wheel vehicle?!?!
 No problem for CDogg...he settles right in
 But the girls make sure he knows who
is in control when he gets on the bus!
Everyone had a great time!

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