Saturday, November 19, 2011

Royal Night Out

Last night was our annual visit to A Royal Night Out.
The girls dressed as Princesses this year and C.M. was a knight. The girls were excited because they got to wear their Snow White costumes.
Even though this was a couple days before the event, J.T. LOVES her Snow White outfit and wears it out...while wearing herself out!
But no worries...her glass slippers are close by...just in case!
The "awake" version
She absolutely adores this dress and we think she looks rather adorable in it
She is transformed into a pretty little princess!
(not that she isn't one at all times anyway!!)
L.C. has one just like it and loves it just as much
She likes to pose and make sure everyone knows that she is the prettiest Princess of them all
We think she is tied for 1st with J.T. but shhhhh dont tell L.C.!!
C.M. is ready to fend off any boy that flirts with his sisters!
(this is Daddy's order for him)
He just loves getting to "borrow" his older brothers sword and shield
Daddy's order #1: PROTECT your sisters!
C.M.'s decision: HAVE FUN!!!
Our little Princesses got to sit in an awesome horse drawn Princess carriage.
They thought they were the hit of the Ball....we agree!
Mommy & Daddy are super proud of our Royal Crew!

Hangin' with little brother

Even though C.M. and J.T. show each other a lot of "tough love" they often times make us smile for moments like this.
A little movie watching and some sisterly love never hurts anyone!
Of course, both are pretty it could be that J.T. is using C.M. as a prop
The finger and paci sucking is a dead giveaway of sleepy kiddos...
...but we will just chalk up this moment to love...hehe

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Let Christmas Shopping Begin!

Now that Halloween is behind us...barely...all focus is now on Christmas 2011!The girls are spending lots of time looking at catalogs and picking out Princess, Fairy, and ALL things Disney in hopes that their names are on Santa's Nice List!

Halloween 2011

Everyone was super excited about Halloween! A time for dressing up but more importantly a time for CANDY!!!
The girls loved their skeleton ballerina costumes almost as much as they love each other...hehe!
C.M. went as a spider. His first trip out of the house for Trick or Treating. Although he was a rookie, he did quite well.
I.C. was a military doctor with an authentic uniform...left behind by Doc Chauvin when they moved. He looked very good in it!
The day started with some face painting at school. C.H. gets a little lion make over!
Later, he donned some camo and went around as a S.W.A.T. member....a little over zealous on the knife here but still looked good! T.H. was a Ninja Assassin with a friend from school. The three roamed the neighborhood and scored some really large loads of candy!
Here they are next door. Our neighber really goes all out on Halloween and turns her garage into a really cool Halloween experience. Well worth seeing...and oh yeah...she has lots of good candy too!

2011 School Pictures

I.C. 2nd row, 2nd from left
C.M. & T.H. both 4 spots over from the left
on the 1st and 2nd rows
T.H. is a 3rd Grader now! They are growing up too fast!
C.H., also in 3rd Grade, looks dashing even though his front two teeth are gone!
I.C. is in 6th Grade...and in braces! Makes for a great picture though!

Girls Antique Photo

L.C. & JBug got to play dress up at school and have their pictures taken. The Roaring 20s would have been a little louder with these two!!