Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Trouble Makers!!!

I think there may be some pictures of Mommy
looking very similar to this pose in a
State Farm Insurance cap about 36 years ago...

L.C. showing off those pearly whites!

J.T. showing off her tonsils : )

It doesn't look like J.T. is enjoying being
captured for a picture by C.H.

GiGi Meets Her Birthday Present!

GiGi holding her "little" birthday present for the first time.

C.M. appears to be enjoying his GiGi's undivided attention!

Christmas Card Photo Session

We opted to use the picture of just the kids
on our Christmas cards this year since this was
the best family picture we could get!

Our beautiful children!!! This was a very rare
moment we captured where everyone was "kind of"
looking at the camera and "smiling".
Three handsome boys doing their very best to make
Mommy proud by wearing "church" shirts
(this means the shirt has a collar!) and smiling for the camera.

As the photo session wore on the number of participants
would grow and shrink as the smiles faded
or the diapers needed changing.
T.H. is probably the most loving and tenderhearted
of all the kids. He truly enjoys being a big brother!

L.C. and J.T. just look like they have some
kind of mischief on their minds!

I.C. and His Musical Debute!

I.C. earned a "black belt" on the recorder.
His music teacher came up with a fun way for the
4th graders to learn increasingly harder songs
on the recorder so I.C. worked his way up from
beginner to advanced and became the first 4th
grader to ever achieve the level of "black belt"!

I.C. plays along with his classmates before playing the final
TWO songs of the program as a SOLO!
He did such a wonderful job and didn't appear to be a bit nervous!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Royal Knight Out

Our 3 knights went with Mommy to "A Royal Night Out"
fundraiser for the non-profit side of Mommy's workplace.
She was very well protected by
these handsome and brave knights!
While the adults listened to a guest speaker
the children were treated to "royal" activities
including a huge play area and lots of fun stuff!