Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pretty Princesses...????

 We had considered saving this to embarrass CDog 
at his Wedding Reception but since that
will be a few years...let's enjoy this NOW!
He came prancing out of his sisters' room
very proud of himself for getting the Snow White
dress on along with the red hair bow.  He actually
came out laughing and spinning around watching
the gown spin and flair out like a pretty Princess 
We laughed and JBug was gracious enough to
get all dressed up too and take a picture with her
little Prince...ess brother.  Too cute!

Play Date!

 CDog had a friend come over for half 
the day this week.  He was in Heaven!
He is such a good friend...always making
sure his friend was happy and had anything
and everything that her little heart desired. 
 If for a second he thought she was sad...
 ...he would do his best to cheer her up!
 And of course she had a great time getting
into the girls stuff and playing with things.
 I think CDog has made a great new friend!
 Capping the morning off with a cute little lunch date
While watching a great movie!

Donuts for Everyone!

 Daddy took donuts to CH & TH's
4th Grade class to help celebrate their
birthday week.  Well, JBug & LC went
along with Daddy on the way to their school
and got a nice little morning snack out of the deal!
They were very appreciative!

C&T Turn 9!!

 TH & CH turned 9...we can't believe it
 But guess who was in the thick of the
action when it came to opening presents!
The birthday boys didn't mind.  They love
their little brother and the feelings are mutual!
 Lots and lots of presents and fun!
 A little Iron Man...
 ...and Iron Man 2!
 All the family pays close attention... the big boxes getting opened! 
...NERF Vortex Disc Blasters! 
 Aunt Jac and the family came over
as well to celebrate.  Aunt Jac and her
twin sister, Aunt Marilyn, share the same
birthday with the boys! 
Twins sharing birthdays with twins!
 She baked the boys some birthday cupcakes
 and of course went overboard spelling out
their names across the lines of cakes!
But that is what awesome Aunts do!
We are all so blessed to be surrounded
by neighbors, family, and friends like this! 

Back to School!

Shockingly enough...Summer is over
We can't believe it but even more than
that...we have a 7th Grader and two
4th Graders.  Where does time go?!?!

Sleepy Royals!

 Keeping up with the Princess life is very tiring
 Even though some try to fight the inevitable
 It catches up to them...
 ...rather quickly sometimes!
 But napping is great medicine...
...for keeping the Royal Life strong!

Branson #4...The Last Hoorah!

 With the last trip to Branson before school starts
we met some friends & headed to Silver Dollar City
A thunder storm rolled in and cut our ride time
to a very bare minimum (only got to go on 2 rides)
but we did get to have a lot of fun anyway and make
the best of it.  We discovered the Fun House that for
some reason have never been in before.  The floors
slowly began to tilt more and more as you walked
through until the finale room that was really, really
tilted and a bit freaky!  IC & CH are actually
standing straight up in this picture!  
 It was hard to stand up without 
falling down the slope of the floor.  
TH & CH have to hold on for dear life!
 Mommy has fun trying to stand up on the bench
 Mr. Todd takes some pictures while trying
to keep his balance...again, he is standing straight
up...the Fun House was F-U-N!!
 Outside the Fun House...the boys
took turns showing off their
best soon-to-be zombie pose!
 They still are very cute zombies!
Even with the rain and thunderstorms...
we had a great time with friends and family!

Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs Play

 Uncle Tom & Aunt Theresa took our little princesses
to Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs play.  They loved it
because they got to get dressed up in their Snow White
dresses, hair bows, and princess slippers.
 It was an interactive play and one of the Dwarfs
showed how happy she was to have little helpers
like the girls there!  LC is always a little antsy
around story book characters.
Here she is again being slightly uneasy...
...while JBug hangs out in the shadows! hehe
They had a great time.  
Thank you Uncle Tom and Aunt Theresa!!!

Number 12!!

 We can't believe it but IC turned 12!
 CDog had to get in the mix and help open gifts
 No worries...IC had enough for everyone
 All the brothers & sisters looked on
 Lots of books, money, candy...
 iPod accessories...
...and Peanut Butter Banana Frozen Treats!