Sunday, September 9, 2012

Branson Trip #3

 We went to Branson for a quick little get away
 We tried a few new sites
 Here we are at Andy Williams' Moon River Theatre 
There is a really cool and HUGE fish pond
 The boys really liked playing around it
 It has some really big fish...
 ...and this, of course, captivated CH!
 He is always on the look out for wildlife of any kind...
 ...and IC & TH got in on the action too!!
 Resting periodically for some good photo ops!
 It is really a beautiful little place.
 Complimented with beautiful boys!
 Even has some artistic flair to it
We also went to Dixie Stampede for the first time.
All the horses were very impressive!
And the show was a big hit with the boys
...along with the massive amounts of food!

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