Sunday, September 9, 2012

C&T Turn 9!!

 TH & CH turned 9...we can't believe it
 But guess who was in the thick of the
action when it came to opening presents!
The birthday boys didn't mind.  They love
their little brother and the feelings are mutual!
 Lots and lots of presents and fun!
 A little Iron Man...
 ...and Iron Man 2!
 All the family pays close attention... the big boxes getting opened! 
...NERF Vortex Disc Blasters! 
 Aunt Jac and the family came over
as well to celebrate.  Aunt Jac and her
twin sister, Aunt Marilyn, share the same
birthday with the boys! 
Twins sharing birthdays with twins!
 She baked the boys some birthday cupcakes
 and of course went overboard spelling out
their names across the lines of cakes!
But that is what awesome Aunts do!
We are all so blessed to be surrounded
by neighbors, family, and friends like this! 

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