Sunday, September 9, 2012

Branson #4...The Last Hoorah!

 With the last trip to Branson before school starts
we met some friends & headed to Silver Dollar City
A thunder storm rolled in and cut our ride time
to a very bare minimum (only got to go on 2 rides)
but we did get to have a lot of fun anyway and make
the best of it.  We discovered the Fun House that for
some reason have never been in before.  The floors
slowly began to tilt more and more as you walked
through until the finale room that was really, really
tilted and a bit freaky!  IC & CH are actually
standing straight up in this picture!  
 It was hard to stand up without 
falling down the slope of the floor.  
TH & CH have to hold on for dear life!
 Mommy has fun trying to stand up on the bench
 Mr. Todd takes some pictures while trying
to keep his balance...again, he is standing straight
up...the Fun House was F-U-N!!
 Outside the Fun House...the boys
took turns showing off their
best soon-to-be zombie pose!
 They still are very cute zombies!
Even with the rain and thunderstorms...
we had a great time with friends and family!

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