Saturday, January 24, 2009

Boys Feed the Girls

T.H. was in charge of feeding J.T. He did a GREAT job and really didn't make any bigger mess than I usually do when feeding!

C.H. fed L.C. and it was a very MESSY adventure but they both had a wonderful time! He really liked the idea of "helping" with the babies.

T.H. gives J.T. some words of encouragement to "open wide".

C.H. tries to scrap up some of the food spillage off of L.C.'s chin!

Wacky Boys!

Sometimes the toys that come in kids meals are worth it and the Bend-a-roos that came in the Zaxby's kid meal have been worth hours of fun and creativity. I may have to cave in and buy these "only available on T.V." Bend-a-roos off of the infomercial. Don't they look like Simon, the Chipmonk?!?

Tent Time

C.H. and T.H. got a tent for Christmas from Mam-maw and Pap-paw O'Dwyer. They haven't slept or napped in their beds since December 25th!!! I guess you could say the tent is a HUGE HIT!