Monday, May 23, 2011

C & T Celebrate 1st Holy Communion

C.H. is all decked out in his new suit and looking quite pleased with the handsome results!
T.H. strutted around all morning in his gray pinstrip suit! He kept saying,"I look like Dad, going to work."
T.H. and C.H. are all smiles after receiving 1st Holy Communion.

T.H. waits with one of his best friends for the processional to the front of the church to begin.

C.H. joins his brother on the bench after checking out everyone else's suits : ) 3 very handsome looking boys!!! They look so grown-up!

Comparing suits and ties...

A picture with Mom and Dad to remember this special day.

C.H. and T.H. also share a moment with Mam-maw, Pap-paw, and cousin C.O. (he also took 1st Communion!) before changing out of their suits.L.C. and J.T. could not be ignored during all the excitement of the party. They demanded some attention and some photography!

C.H. and T.H. enjoy some BBQ on the patio with their cousins.

A beautiful cake to mark this milestone of faith in our boys' lives.

It tasted as good as it looked!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day Trip to the Zoo

C.H. & T.H. had a friend's birthday party at the LR Zoo so the rest of us took the opportunity to make it a family outting and celebrate Mother's Day a day early! The big Silver Back Gorilla was amazing. His head had to be a foot and a half wide! L.C. & J.T. really enjoyed "spying" on him (peeking over the railing). C.M. was a real fan...he was wearing a gorilla shirt to the zoo.
We brought the Radio Flyer wagon, which the little ones really appreciated. The LR Zoo has a lot of little hills so...Daddy "appreciated" the workout he got pulling these little monkeys around! Here everyone gets a thrill watching the penguins swim around in their new tank.

Our boys had a great time following the penguins around and seeing them dance in the water.

Our girls enjoyed it too. They were pressed up against the glass for a better look. I am sure the penguins enjoyed staring back at the wildlife on the other side of the glass!

Mommy took her turn pulling the girls around and leading the boys to the next area. We were heading to the bears at this point!

Daddy & C.M. enjoyed hanging back a bit and posing for some camera time.

Everyone enjoyed watching the otter run around.

The Grizzly Bears really were the kids favorite. There were two and they were HUGE! The claws on one had to be 8 inches long.

Good thing there was the glass wall protecting us but judging from the size of this bear...we were glad they kept their distance anyway!

J.T. enjoyed her close up view of the lion so much...

...she "convinced" everyone else to come take a close look!

T.H. stands guard as his little sisters take a good look at the "mommy & daddy" lions. T.H. really looks after his sisters and protects them as best he can. It is really cute.

The three oldest penguins at the zoo!

And here are the three yongest penguins!

Friday, May 6, 2011

CSI: Girls Room

Tragedy struck last night in the girls' room...Dora's Mom...drugged. Little Yellow Baby Duckie..knocked out. Signs of a struggle: birthday boa & a right flip flop laying around. Victims: L.C. & J.T. (seen here covered in the CSI trademark pink blankie) Ok...ok...this only looked suspicious but actually...this was the scene last night when we checked on the girls. They tend to have a hard time "settling down" after bedtime. They have figured out how to turn on their bedroom light and just play play play after we say prayers and do our nighttime reading. After a while...they simply pass out. was against the door.

Daddy had to push the door open and hold it while Mommy squeezed in to finally put the sleeping beauties to rest in their nice comfy bed. This was hilarious. We had to share!

Happy Mothers Day!

The girls got to pose with a pretty flower and put together some nice things at school in preparation of Mother's Day and celebrating with the greatest Mommy in the world.

L.C. loves her Mommy and made a gorgeous hand print flower arrangement but is never ever shy in front of the camera. She is sort of a ham!
J.T. loves her Mommy very, very much. She is not as "camera happy" as L.C. but wow...she sure does know how to make the photographer's job very easy. She seems to have a knack for precious photo after precious photo!

Blondie 1...Blondie 2

Aunt Tina and C.M. show off their blonde hair, beautiful eyes and Hollywood smiles...well C.M. shows off his Clooney smirk...which he has perfected! Both enjoyed lunch with Mommy today and caught up on whats going on in life.

Little Boy Blues!

C.M. received a new soccer outfit from Uncle Tom & Aunt Theresa this week. He was feeling really sporty and super sassy and bold as he ventured all over including the entry table in our foyer!

Later on he decided it was time to kick it around a bit on the back patio.

Heads up your 2022 World Cup MVP!

5th Grade Choir Performance

I.C. and his fellow 5th graders learned to play music using their boom whacker. The boys performed 2 pieces of music and the girls did 2 separate ones as well.

Our Little Easter Bunnies!

C.M., aka CDogg, looks a little CBunny today at Target. He was pimpin' in his supa sweet, late model, red shopping cart with chrome accents while Mommy pushed this dope bunny around the store.

J.T. sits proudly and confidently on the Easter Bunny's lap during his visit to the girls Day Care! She was having so much fun and LOVED Mr. Easter Bunny. L.C. and a few other girls in class were terrified of Mr. Bunny and locked themselves in a class room with a sign that said, "Easter Bunny KEEP OUT!"