Monday, May 23, 2011

C & T Celebrate 1st Holy Communion

C.H. is all decked out in his new suit and looking quite pleased with the handsome results!
T.H. strutted around all morning in his gray pinstrip suit! He kept saying,"I look like Dad, going to work."
T.H. and C.H. are all smiles after receiving 1st Holy Communion.

T.H. waits with one of his best friends for the processional to the front of the church to begin.

C.H. joins his brother on the bench after checking out everyone else's suits : ) 3 very handsome looking boys!!! They look so grown-up!

Comparing suits and ties...

A picture with Mom and Dad to remember this special day.

C.H. and T.H. also share a moment with Mam-maw, Pap-paw, and cousin C.O. (he also took 1st Communion!) before changing out of their suits.L.C. and J.T. could not be ignored during all the excitement of the party. They demanded some attention and some photography!

C.H. and T.H. enjoy some BBQ on the patio with their cousins.

A beautiful cake to mark this milestone of faith in our boys' lives.

It tasted as good as it looked!!!

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