Friday, May 6, 2011

CSI: Girls Room

Tragedy struck last night in the girls' room...Dora's Mom...drugged. Little Yellow Baby Duckie..knocked out. Signs of a struggle: birthday boa & a right flip flop laying around. Victims: L.C. & J.T. (seen here covered in the CSI trademark pink blankie) Ok...ok...this only looked suspicious but actually...this was the scene last night when we checked on the girls. They tend to have a hard time "settling down" after bedtime. They have figured out how to turn on their bedroom light and just play play play after we say prayers and do our nighttime reading. After a while...they simply pass out. was against the door.

Daddy had to push the door open and hold it while Mommy squeezed in to finally put the sleeping beauties to rest in their nice comfy bed. This was hilarious. We had to share!

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