Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blast from the past!

Miss Marsha, one of LC & JT's teachers, was looking through some old pictures from when she had CH & TH in school. She ran across this one from way back in 2006! They have grown up so much but will always be our little boys!

Spring 2012 School Pictures

The girls got dressed up for their school's Spring picturesMommy selected the outfits, which were sort of a retro Jackie Kennedy look.
We think they pulled it off very well!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hair cut time!

We took the little ones to Pigtails & Crewcuts on Saturday for much needed hair cuts. They always love going here and sitting in the fire truck or police car or plane. Here LC is looking rather sassy in the fire truck as she gets her hair done....looking even sassier! (if that is possible!!)
CM sporting his penguin top and police chaser as he enjoys his sucker. We hated cutting his hair as it is soooo curly and beautiful...but it still looks adorable even after the cut!
Not to be left out...JT takes a turn behind the wheel of the fire engine. She and her sissy's hair is absolutely adorable now...not that it wasn't before but a great cut in time for Easter is always a must!
CM did very well...this is his first time at Pigtails & Crewcuts...he was super excited about the set up they have there.
JT just loved having her hair up as she was pampered!
Uh oh...CM might be getting used to this!!

6th Grade Champs!

IC and the Bulldogs had another successful season!IC continues to improve at basketball and keeps on growing. Chris hopes that he will be dunking by 7th grade! Ok...maybe a few years after that but still....
As they did in the 5th grade...they won their conference
and conference tournament. BACK-TO-BACK titles!
IC was very proud and so were we.
Here he is posing with the trophy!

Cub Scout Pinewood Car Derby

TH & CH are in Cub Scouts this year and have had a great time! Both entered cars in the Annual Pinewood Derby. The boys picked out the design they wanted and Poppy and Uncle Darrell helped shape the body. TH's looked like a Shelby Cobra.It was FAST too!
CH wanted a tank and so he made one that looked great. He wanted the guns on the turret to work but the rules were a little tight and wouldn't allow live ammo this year.
Daddy searched high and low for the right accessories to make it look real and Mommy did a custom job on the camo to make it authentic.
CH shows off his tank and "best use of weapons" award!
TH won 3rd place overall!!
...and coolest Shelby Cobra model!
CH's tank in action!
TH's Shelby Cobra winning!

Land where they fall!

CM's favorite viewing spot in the den sometimes leads to him drifting off into deep sleep as he is wrapped in his little cocoon.His sisters on the other hand, play in their room until the very last second of consciousness before collapsing from exhaustion. Sometimes...they have their blankies close by for emergencies such as this!

Art Ragin' Cajun

St. Joseph had their annual Art Ragin' Cajun event and it was full of games, arts, and other fun things. Here, CM poses with a good friend after they had their faces painted like warriors!IC looks a little like Mel Gibson in Braveheart...both are Catholic but IC doesn't seem to share in the craziness that goes along with the latter! Haha! Regardless, IC had a great time!

CM lovvvvvvvves school!

CM loves going to school! He only goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays but the amount of fun he has lasts the entire week! His teachers love him there too and wish he would be there more often!They have a cool playground and he likes to play peek-a-boo!
He has really good friends and this one in particular could easily pass as a twin brother!After peek-a-boo...he "escapes" the fort down the slide
Whew! A hard day at school...makes for a VERY happy boy!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

JBug takes a trip to ACH

We had a scary trip to ACH with JT. She had a seizure that lasted longer than any of her other two episodes, however, she is doing great and it didn't take long for her to start racking up goodies. Here she shows off the stickers she got from the nurse.She got back to being her typical fun and happy self and her smile always puts smiles on our faces
More goodies: Oreo cookies!
Aunt SuSu came by for a visit and brought JT's favorite girl...DORA! It made her night and the balloon that Aunt SuSu brought is still fully inflated. We can't believe it. It has been inflated for over a month and a half! Impressive!
JT was treated like a Princess. She was super thrilled to go for a ride in her little red wagon with Mommy & Daddy
She also had her hair done! She thought the EEG wires were pretty cool.
After the wires were removed...she looked like she had had a perm! We are very thankful to God that JT is doing well. These episodes are spooky but we are lucky to have ACH so close and very lucky to have such a beautiful little girl in our family!