Saturday, March 17, 2012

JBug takes a trip to ACH

We had a scary trip to ACH with JT. She had a seizure that lasted longer than any of her other two episodes, however, she is doing great and it didn't take long for her to start racking up goodies. Here she shows off the stickers she got from the nurse.She got back to being her typical fun and happy self and her smile always puts smiles on our faces
More goodies: Oreo cookies!
Aunt SuSu came by for a visit and brought JT's favorite girl...DORA! It made her night and the balloon that Aunt SuSu brought is still fully inflated. We can't believe it. It has been inflated for over a month and a half! Impressive!
JT was treated like a Princess. She was super thrilled to go for a ride in her little red wagon with Mommy & Daddy
She also had her hair done! She thought the EEG wires were pretty cool.
After the wires were removed...she looked like she had had a perm! We are very thankful to God that JT is doing well. These episodes are spooky but we are lucky to have ACH so close and very lucky to have such a beautiful little girl in our family!

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