Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cub Scout Pinewood Car Derby

TH & CH are in Cub Scouts this year and have had a great time! Both entered cars in the Annual Pinewood Derby. The boys picked out the design they wanted and Poppy and Uncle Darrell helped shape the body. TH's looked like a Shelby Cobra.It was FAST too!
CH wanted a tank and so he made one that looked great. He wanted the guns on the turret to work but the rules were a little tight and wouldn't allow live ammo this year.
Daddy searched high and low for the right accessories to make it look real and Mommy did a custom job on the camo to make it authentic.
CH shows off his tank and "best use of weapons" award!
TH won 3rd place overall!!
...and coolest Shelby Cobra model!
CH's tank in action!
TH's Shelby Cobra winning!

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