Saturday, November 19, 2011

Royal Night Out

Last night was our annual visit to A Royal Night Out.
The girls dressed as Princesses this year and C.M. was a knight. The girls were excited because they got to wear their Snow White costumes.
Even though this was a couple days before the event, J.T. LOVES her Snow White outfit and wears it out...while wearing herself out!
But no worries...her glass slippers are close by...just in case!
The "awake" version
She absolutely adores this dress and we think she looks rather adorable in it
She is transformed into a pretty little princess!
(not that she isn't one at all times anyway!!)
L.C. has one just like it and loves it just as much
She likes to pose and make sure everyone knows that she is the prettiest Princess of them all
We think she is tied for 1st with J.T. but shhhhh dont tell L.C.!!
C.M. is ready to fend off any boy that flirts with his sisters!
(this is Daddy's order for him)
He just loves getting to "borrow" his older brothers sword and shield
Daddy's order #1: PROTECT your sisters!
C.M.'s decision: HAVE FUN!!!
Our little Princesses got to sit in an awesome horse drawn Princess carriage.
They thought they were the hit of the Ball....we agree!
Mommy & Daddy are super proud of our Royal Crew!

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