Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Outdoor Play at Mimi & Poppy's House

Cousin E shows off her tree hanging skills!

Use BOTH HANDS I.C.!!! He only looks inches
off the ground. He is actually a few feet up!

"Mommy, Mommy! Take a picture of the
granddaddy longlegs we found!" If it
looks a bit "unhealthy" it is because
they put it on Mommy's head first!

T.H. hamming it up in the tree!

Cousin T and T.H. showing off that they can be monkies too!

I.C. is WAAAAAAAY up in the tree now!

C.H. poses for one of those "Don't monkey
around with power lines" commercials.

T.H. gives it his all but figures out he can't pull the tree over!

I.C. and Cousin E takin' a break to enjoy a little Sonic!

C.H. hangs on for dear life!

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