Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tru for President!

 TH ran for Student Council.  He didn't win...this year...
but he and Daddy had an AWESOME time coming up
with some very creative campaign stickers and posters
and his campaign manager, brother...CH, did a great
job spreading the word about how great Tru would be! 
 This is the campaign sticker that TH handed
out to his classmates for them to wear
And not to be outdone by the stickers...
Tru had a rather impressive poster too!  
Whether it be in a factory setting with no jacket or tie...
or outside a Church in an Armani suit and Dolce & Gabbana tie...
or just kickin' around the house in a white t-shirt and shorts...
we might be looking at the first campaign of a long stretch that
leads to Pennsylvania Avenue in the 2040 Presidential race!

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