Friday, October 31, 2008


T.H. made up as a VERY SCARY vampire! He loved showing off his "mean" face to every house we trick-or-treated.

Our friends from down the street came and walked around the neighborhood with us. We were quite a sight with 5 kids, 2 babies, and three adults just trying to keep up with the excitement level of trick-or-treating in the rain!!! L-R: basketball player, vampire, Incredible Hulk, Dorothy with Toto, Glenda the Good Witch.

J.T. and L.C. have been wearing their "Boo" sleepers for a couple of weeks but today marks the last day to wear these outfits. Thanks Mimi for making sure we had something appropriate to wear for Halloween! I'll post some pics of the girls in their fairy costumes as soon as Ashley e-mails them to me.

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