Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sea World - Day 2 (continued)

2012 USA Olympic Syncronized Pool Jumping Team
..........well, I guess we need to work on this one!

Our Ambercrombie-model-to-be showing off his baby blues.
L.C. & I.C. crinkling their noses during this photo opportunity.

JBug & L.C. don't know what to think
about their plundering big brothers!

Daddy & the boys enjoying a little
white water rafting on the Rio Loco!

Family pic time at the Wave Pool!

JBug really just wants back in the cool water!

At the entrance of Sea World after a
very long & hot but very fun day!

WHEW!!!! It's smokin' hot in San Antonio!!!

Mommy & the kiddos posing in front of
a Budweiser clydesdale named Bud.
The boys wanted a picture of him because
they said he was Papaw Bud's horse!

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