Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BIG B'day Party for the Boys!!!

All of the O'Dwyer grandchildren lined up for a rare photo
opportunity after the party. Amazingly they were all
looking in the same general direction! Mam-maw and
Pap-paw have 10 grandkids and counting : )

J.T. and L.C. were strapped in their stroller for most of
the party...poor babies! They took it all in stride because
there were plenty of children to watch and laugh at
during the games, cake, and present opening.

A table FULL of 25 friends to celebrate a late b'day
for I.C. and an early b'day for C.H. and T.H.
Mom and Dad figured this was the best way to have a
party for everyone this year since there was some uncertainty
about the timing of the new baby's arrival ; )
C.H. and T.H. dig in on the cupcakes and sherbert.
They needed lots of sugary strength to play some
more party games.

C.H. is thoroughly enjoying being surrounded by all
his friends on his special day.

I.C. is just a little bit excited by the whole event and
couldn't wait to get his cupcake and sherbert!

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