Saturday, October 22, 2011

CM Turns 2!!!

C.M. turned 2...and we can't beleive it! He had several visitors come to wish him well. The first was F.B., a friend from a couple houses down. He made a card for C.M. and hand delivered it!
Making sure the full effect of the card was realized...F.B. lays it out for C.M.
I think C.M. likes it!
After the outside delivery...the birthday moved inside to get his present from the Dails. He might not know yet what money is but he sure did like playing with it!
Then discovered C.D.'s phone!
Outside...JBug gets ready to hop around!
She was very excited to celebrate her little brother's 2nd b-day!
We all gathered for the special delivery of C.M.'s b-day cupcake! C.M. was super excited to get it delivered by Mommy!
"Wow! This IS as good as it looked!!!"
"I really mean it....dang!"
"I wonder how I can have birthday cupcakes everyday"
"...but that would mean I would have to have birthdays everyday...and I would grow up too quick!"
"Hmmmm....I wonder how I can figure this out and...."
"WAIT! Sherbert too!!!"
"Ok..ok...maybe my spot in life is pretty good!"
"Yeah...very, very good!"
"WHOA!!! Those cupcakes rock!"
"'s almost like....uh...whoa...dude...gimme more!"
Mam-maw & Pap-paw deliver their present to C.M.
Mam-maw helps the birthday boy open his present.
On to the next present!!
Mommy helps with the big one from the Godmothers!
Lots of cute shoes & clothes from Aunt Theresa & Aunt Jac
More STUFF!!!
"Hey look! A purple kangaroo from Mimi & Poppy!"
"I love it!"
Play-Doh and crayons from Aunt Sandy & Uncle Mike...
...and Bumble Bee Transformer from the brothers & sisters!

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