Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday!

CH & TH celebrated birthday number 8! They wanted a big, home made birthday cookie so Mommy whipped on up for them! It was big!
Really big!

Super big!

Present time! TH opening up card with money inside!

CH opens up his card with money TH smells his!

They both got really great gifts from their family!

Uncle Mike & Aunt Sandy gave them each a dinosaur egg. Its the size of an osterich drop it in water...and watch it hatch over the course of a few days. They are hatched now and are really cool!

Pa-Paw came over too and delivered presents from Mam-Maw and him.

Mimi, Poppy, Mommy, Daddy, and all the brothers & sisters sing Happy Birthday to our awesome 8 year old boys!

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