Saturday, September 10, 2011

Keith Urban in Dallas!!

We went to Dallas to see Keith Urban (Lenisa's FAVORITE!!) with two friends from McKinney at the American Airlines Arena. It was a blast!! Jamie & Lenisa posing next to a picture of the man himself!
Jake Owen opened up the night and he was really good!

He had all the girls screaming and it was his 30th birthday too!

We had awesome seats! We were just left of the stage about 12 rows up. Carl (friend from McKinney) set us up big time with the best experience possible!

The stage was amazing!

Keith is pointing to a little girl in the crowd that was there for her birthday. He brought her up on stage and made a big deal about it. She was so happy and excited that she was crying! It was cute!

We sang along to all his best songs!

Here he is in the center of the arena on a 2nd stage.

Back on the main stage.

Here he is with a Mavs uniform on.

Confetti falling during the finale!

Below is a video Lenisa took...the stage had a side platform on both sides...this is Keith singing Better Life and Lenisa is super duper close!

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