Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Break 2011

This Spring Break we had a very relaxing time. We did a few things here and there and finished the week's break in Branson, including a great day at Silver Dollar City! On the way up, we stopped at Big Cedar Lodge on Table Rock Lake to stretch our legs and enjoy a little fun!

L.C. thinks she can climb up the bendy ladder on the wrong side! She figured out quickly that she couldn't but sure had fun trying!

I.C. tried it too and had just as much fun!

T.H. climbed it the right way and showed off that picture perfect smirk and "I could be a model one day" look.

C.M. figures why not try the rock wall. If the other guys can do it so can I...and he did!

C.H. is about to come down the slide. He had a great time doing this by himself but even a better time escorting his sisters and littlest brother down. They loved it too!

T.H. shows off his physical abilities moving about the monkey bars with the greatest of ease!

C.M. figuring out what trouble he can get in next!

Our own Fantasic 4. The best boys any family could ever dream of having.
J.T. takes her turn at coming down the slide. She loved when C.H. escorted her down but was brave enough to do it herself too!

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