Monday, April 25, 2011

Girls "salon time" at Pigtails & Crewcuts

Mommy & Daddy treated L.C. & JBug to a fun Saturday morning in Little Rock at Pigtails & Crewcuts to get a much needed trim. It is a cool little place and the girls had a nice time too...just see for yourself and judge just how L.C. and then JBug felt about it!

First L.C.

WOW! What a day this has already been!
I mean...let me just tell you!

First of all...Mommy & Daddy woke me up WAAAAY to early!

Fed me cinnamon rolls & milk...yeah, I know...cinnamon rolls!

and the milk...not EVEN cold enough!

Then they drag me down here to my hair sculptress...

...and don't even have the decency to have a pedicure and manicure set up for me. I'm a delicate am I supposed to deal with this?!?!

This life...this getting unbearable!

How ever shall I survive single digit years?

sigh...and to top it sucker is almost gone!

And JBug's take...

HEEEY! Let ME tell you about my day so far!

First of all, I got a GREAT night's sleep and then got to come here and sit in a police car...yeah...a POLICE CAR!! and wear a penguin heard me...a PENGUIN COVER!

Then I got a sucker.....FORRRRRRR FREE!

And then I met this nice lady who did my hair up right!

and then....hey....I wonder how fast I could get this thing going if I were to head down a smoothly paved road with a 45 degree angle, with the wind to my back, and no restrictor plate in place...

I wonder if the suspension on an older model like this would even hold up at that speed and under that much stress...

oh well...just a thought...hehe...look at my hair! It's the newest craze in New York, Paris, and Milan!

And now the finished product for both LC & JBug...

Wow...I make me look good!

Yep...I make us both look really good!

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