Sunday, April 24, 2011

3rd Birthday! We can't believe it either!

We really can't believe it but the girls just celebrated their 3rd birthday! It seems like only yesterday they joined our wonderful family. They invited a few of their friends over to enjoy their Princess get together. Everyone had a great time!

The esteemed guests:

All the girls enjoying a spot of tea...a.k.a. pink lemonade

L.C. imulated the most dainty of the Princesses

This was a 3-fold theme: Princess, Dora, SUGAR!

L.C. says, "Sugar is good food!"

J.T. put asside the refreshments & ripped into gifts!

Princesses for the Princesses!

L.C. loves her new bathing suit!

J.T. wonders if Daddy will approve!

Look out pool boys!

Snoop L.C. shows off her cover-up!

She even loves J.T.'s too!

C.M. wonders where his presents are...

...not my birthday? Oh well...I will get mine when it is!

What a beautiful day for beautiful birthday girls!

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