Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter 2011

The Dails were gracious enough to have yet another Easter Egg Hunt at their house. It has become a very nice tradition and one the kids really enjoy. Mommy leads the troops down the driveway and toward the Dails where the eggs are awaiting. C.M. & L.C. are eager to get this party started! Caroline has done a great job hiding the eggs. Sort of hard to find some that are hidden in the bushes...can you spot it?

Even the ones hidden in the grass are VERY HIDDEN!

A nice little snap shot just before the chaos....and...

THEY'RE OFF!!!!!!!!!

The boys helped the girls and C.M. get into the swing of things.

L.C. was very happy to be a part of this year's hunt!

Although C.M. is a Rookie this year, he quickly learned what it was all about and showed signs of being a seasoned veteran Easter Egg Hunter!

Of course, this is just old hat to L.C.!

T.H. helps C.M. stuff his basket even more!

J.T. gets her biggest brother to help her score some eggs!

L.C. was ready for a photo op at any and every moment...

...while J.T. used her sisters vanity to her advantage and kept scouring the back yard for more eggs!

But even the humblest of the hunters take time for a quick pic!

...and even the youngest get in on the act too!

Now the big kids turn! GO!!!!

L.C. keeps an eye on T.H. & C.H. to make sure they play fair.

I.C. & C.H. look through the bushes with their eagle eyes trying to find each and every hidden egg.

After it was all over...and naps for everyone...our family went to Easter Mass. Here, Mommy sits with the Egg Hunters outside Church.

Daddy's turn! We had a wonderful Easter and are greatful that God blessed us with heath, happiness, and a very close & loving family!

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