Saturday, April 21, 2012

SeaCamp 2012

During Spring Break this year, the 6th Grade Class took a trip to SeaWorld - San Antonio and enjoyed 4 days of SeaCamp.
Class of 2018!
IC with his smaller group of SeaCampers!
 Penguins holding hands!
I.C. getting to pet a penguin! 
 I.C. the guys under the shark aquarium entrance
 Hopefully none of them will ever have this view for real!
 It was a great trip and wonderful way to spend Spring Break!
  Lenisa was excited to be there with I.C.
 Another shot of the guys after lunch one day
 Cowboy hats and Aviator glasses are making a comeback!
 I.C. with a rather large boa!
 Mixed emotions on one of the water rides!
 I.C. gets to feed the dophins!!
What a wonderful trip it was.  Everyone had a great time feeding, petting, and watching all the SeaWorld mammals and fish performing and dazzling!

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