Sunday, April 22, 2012

Girls 4th Birthday!

We can't believe it but the girls have turned 4!! 
They celebrated in high Princess fashion and
invited a few fellow Princesses over to share
in their Royal happiness!
A room full of lovely little Princesses!
Poised proudly in their pink Princess thrones,
JT & LC started opening their presents.
The first was a Princess karaoke machine!
Of course, no Princess Castle is complete without
a Tinkerbell make-up and hair styling set!
It was a rather grand social affair full of big Princesses...
 ...and minature toy ones too!
 After the gifts were opened, the Princesses sat for
a Royal treat of pink lemonade and cupcakes...
 ...and Rice Krispie Cake Pops!
 Afterward our Princesses adjourned to the
back patio for a bubble blowing festival...
...complete with Princess Bubble Necklaces!
 One for each amazing Princess!
 LC showing off her custom made Princess gown
 JT enjoying her friends' company and prancing
around in her commissioned gown as well
 JT tries her hand at blowing bubbles...
 ...maybe that hand was a little too close to her lips!
 Even the soapy taste of bubbles couldn't hinder her joy!
We all had a great time today and look forward
to blowing bubbles for many years to come
with our precious little Princesses!

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