Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mummy & Me Cub Scout Weekend

Lenisa, CH & TH spent the weekend at the
Cub Scout Camp for Mummy & Me Weekend!
TH & CH are digging for artifacts!
CH & Mommy making bracelets!
(Lenisa doesn't seem very concerned)
 TH & Mommy making bracelets!
(She seems a little more concerned..hehe)
 CH has such great form on the range!
TH does as well!  The camp masters were very
impressed with both of their form and ability
to hit the target consistently!
 They took their turn on the firing range as well
 And were just as impressive!
 I guess they proved to all to not
get into a shoot out with them!
CH fishing 
TH fishing 
 CH with his best Forrest Gump impression
TH didn't want to sit...better served to stand
so when the big one bites...he can be ready! 
TH fishes with coffee in his right hand.
CH watches on with barbeque chips in hand.
 The one and only catch of the weekend!
What a good lookin trio!
TH on the last morning at breakfast 
 CH mapping out the day's activities 
 This guy was amazing!

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