Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trip to Branson to see Dora & Diego!

We made a trip to Branson for a long weekend. Silver Dollar City kicked off KidsFest with Dora & Diego. We had to take the little ones since they LOVE Dora & Diego!!

L.C. and C.M. are very, very excited to be at Silver Dollar City!
L.C. is soooo shy in front of the camera...NOT!!!

Daddy & J.T. stand in line to see DORA & DIEGO!!

Mommy had L.C. & C.M. close by watching the boats float by on the RiverBlast ride. They got a little wet! C.M. was tolerant of it but...

...when he gets older...he will get his revenge!

WOAH!!! I NEED one of these for my room!

L.C. poses with the HUGE Teddy Bear while C.M. looks around to see if anyone would notice if he swiped it. We were in line to see Dora so they might have yelled out, "Swiper no swiping!"

J.T. was a little more interested in the flowers than the bear.

But the girls do think the Teddy Bear would make a great addition to their room as well!

And the reason we came! DORA & DIEGO!!! L.C. was a little freaked out by the size of Dora & Diego even though they are her favorite characters in the world. We don't blame her though. They are quite a bit bigger in real life than they are on our t.v.s at home! J.T. was all smiles and couldn't get enough of her new friends. C.M. liked them as well, however, he was still wondering how to sneak that big Teddy Bear out and as you can see from this photo...he was sizing Dora & Diego up. He knew he could outrun them if needed!!

OPPOSITE ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM: After meeting Dora & Diego, L.C. was happy...mainly because she wasn't freaked out any longer. J.T. was sad...mainly because she wanted to stay and hang out with Dora & Diego! Hehe...both had a great time and were happy to meet their old friends.

Daddy and the 3 youngest of his 6 beautiful kiddos riding the carousel!

J.T. peeks out the window of the big tree house at Half Dollar Holler!

L.C. had a fun time in the tree house too!

Even C.M. had a go in the tree house!

Half Dollar Holler had a lot to keep you entertained. J.T. & L.C. took a spin on Lil' Swings. J.C. couldn't wait for the ride to start but L.C. was a little leary at first.

L.C. took her time examining the engineering of Lil' Swings making sure it was safe for her and her sister to ride. After it started moving, both L.C. and J.T. loved it and were calling for it to go faster and faster! They liked it so much they rode it twice in a row!

We had a couple of our wonderful babysitters with us and they had a good time as well...even though they had to spend a little time in the stockade! Just kidding...they were great, as usual, and we want to say a special thanks to M.M. & C.D.!!!

The "gang" on the was a welcomed relief as it was getting late in the day and everyone needed a little 20 minute train ride to rest and relax!

J.T. wouldn't sit on anyone's lap other than Daddys. As you can see from her finger sucking...she was on a downward slide to Meltdownsville! Haha.

M.M. and C.D. with the little ones on the carousel!!!

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